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PlanTech Exhibition Launch

What will planning systems look like in 2050? Launched at our monthly 'Third Thursday' networking event, the brand new PlanTech exhibition explores this question through interactive displays and signage.

As part of our Future of Planning programme, we created an immersive space that delves into how digital innovation can make cities better.

The Urban Innovation Centre was transformed into a planning playground filled with hands-on prototypes split into four key zones; Responsive Planning, Data-Driven Planning, Planning Decisions and Citizen-Centred Planning.

Guests were treated to presentations from some great minds within the sector who outlined how digital innovation, urban data, and user-centred design are disrupting the UK planning system.

Alistair Parvin from Wikihouse turned planning rules into digital code, Tom Forth from ODI Leeds explained how PDFs can become a planner’s friend and Vincent de Boursetty from Toolz demonstrated high-fidelity data-rich visualisations.

Organised in conjunction with London Tech Week, the event brought together the very best in London’s digital start-up scene with city builders and innovators.

The following gallery showcases highlights from the evening.

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