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Two New Standards Launched in BSI's Smart Cities Suite

These best practice guides are aimed at supporting cities in effectively taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the greater availability and potential of data and digital technologies.

The British Standards Institution (BSI) Smart Cities Guides have been developed through the Cities Standards Institute (CSI), a membership group established by the Future Cities Catapult and the BSI. CSI members come from local government, industry and the UK’s most innovative SMEs. Together, they jointly identify common challenges and create the standards that respond to them. Member fees and central government funds have been used to pay for the development of these documents.

City standards are about finding consistency in how cities work around shared challenges. If the basic ways of working  can be agreed, then advanced urban services that are integrated, efficient, and delivered at lower cost, can become a reality.

PAS 183’ is a Guide to establishing a decision making framework for sharing data and information services. It outlines the data sharing challenges faced by local government and gets them ready for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in 2018. This guide is significant because it is the first sector response to GDPR in Europe, and represents the cities/local government sector leading the way.

PAS 184 is a Guide to Developing project proposals for delivering smart city solutions. It helps city stakeholders take a strategic view by providing actionable guidance from inception through to the delivery and measurement of projects. At the moment technology project often exist in sectoral siloes – this guide offers a means for local government officials to adopt a more consistent approach to procurement and project planning.

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