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Innovation Week Cardiff

Taking place at Tramshed Tech and featuring a series of open invitation workshops, discussions and networking events, Innovation Week (24 - 27 April) is designed to equip Cardiff's city leaders and citizens with an understanding of how advanced urban services can help solve city challenges. For SMEs working in the sector, it will provide a springboard to connect with the Catapult team and potential customers.

Cardiff is projected to grow by 20 percent over the coming two decades, making it the fastest growing of the UK’s Core Cities. Accommodating – and making a success of – that growth is both a challenge and a huge opportunity for the city. That’s where Future Cities Catapult comes in.

With 97% resident satisfaction scores, Cardiff is recognised as the third most liveable capital city in Europe (European Urban Audit, 2015). This high quality of life has seen the city grow by 11% over the last decade and a further 72,000 new residents are expected by 2035 (Office for National Statistics). Over 40,000 new homes and a similar number of new jobs will be required over the coming decade to meet the demand of this new population, not to mention additional school places, capacity on the transport network and energy infrastructure.

Luckily, the UK is a world-leader in developing and implementing the innovative solutions and advanced urban services that Cardiff (and cities like it) will need to make the most of forecast growth, manage additional demand on services and secure improvements in the quality of life for all its residents, both old and new.

If you are an SME seeking to learn more about opportunities in the future cities market, an innovator looking  for thorny challenges in need of brilliant solutions, a business striving to adapt to the changing realities of modern cities, or a city leader asking how the Future Cities Catapult can help Cardiff reach the top spot for liveability, Innovation Week Cardiff is for you.

Find out more about the programme and sign up for one or more of the events below.

Launching New Guidance for Data Sharing and Smart Project Planning –  24 April, h. 14:00 – 17:00

An interactive session introducing city stakeholders to free leadership guides published by the FCC and the BSI.

Integrated Urban Planning – 25 April, h. 13:00 – 14:30

Big data, artificial intelligence and visualisation are transforming the way that people process and interpret information. But the methods used by many cities to plan new developments creak with age and inefficiency.

Health and Mobility  – 26 April, h. 17:00 – 18:30

This session will explore how cities can harness new technologies and approaches to mitigate the negative health impacts of city life and maximise the benefits.

The Future Cities Market Breakfast Event for SME’s – 27 April, h. 09:00 – 10:30

A networking breakfast discussion to learn more about the future cities market with leading smart city expert, Joe Dignan. During the interactive discussion we will explore the market opportunities for SME’s and the SME support program offered by Future Cities Catapult.

Data Visualisation training for SMEs, 27 April, h. 13:30 – 17:00

Come join our free data visualisation workshop for SMEs. The workshop is an introduction to the tools, techniques and storytelling skills required to turn raw city data into striking visualisations.

Innovation Week Cardiff – Networking Event, 27 April, h. 17:30 – 20:00

A chance to meet members of the Future Cities team, forge new connections, and share ideas about the future of Cardiff.


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